About a month ago I was chosen by Athlete IQ to do a review on a company called Athletic Recon that develops workout / lifestyle attire.  My primary sport currently is Obstacle Course Racing so I try to find equipment that can take an abusive environment, clean off well, then be used again with little change.  When I look for a pair of shorts I want to invest in something that is quality and I can rely on inside and outside the gym.

I received a pair of the 4.5 inch Standard Issue Camo shorts to try out.  The print on the shorts was a little louder than something I would normally try out, but I was willing to give it a shot. Immediately when I picked up the shorts they felt heavier than any other pair of shorts I had. The outer material was thicker, the inside compression lining was thicker, and it had a back pocket for keys.  After doing one workout in these shorts in my local cross fit box I was sold on the quality, durability, and fit of these shorts.  They are perfect for back to back sets where there is high range of motion, and flexibility.   There was no issue with fabric snagging, or with restricting my movement while doing muscle ups.

Later that week I was assisting in the build of a local event here in Indiana based around obstacles seen on the hit TV show American Ninja Warrior.  I wanted to try the shorts out again in a different discipline and once again they came out on top.  Jumping, diving, and sliding over obstacles these shorts took another beating and kept in perfect condition. I have found myself trying to get them in the wash about every 3 days because they are now my favorite shorts.  The longevity of the product shines when they come out of the wash looking brand new.  With summer quickly approaching I know I will be leading many training sessions rolling in the dirt and grass with just these shorts, a pair of trail shoes, and hours of abuse.

This equipment is perfect for the OCR market because of the fact it is an all in one robust design.  The material is strong, and you can tell there was a lot of thought put into the design and end user.  With a heavy focus on athletes, as well as durability, Athletic Recon could help fill a massive gap that is in OCR apparel.  Traditional running shorts work in OCR, but often we find ourselves stitching them after a race because of a rip or catching on something.  I truly feel that as the summer progresses these shorts will still be my number one choice to workout in because of the robust nature and simplicity. Check out more at http://www.athleticrecon.com/