With the Rocks and Roots 20K approaching, Caylan picked up a pair of Yaktrax RUN. The forecast and conditions called for snowy, slick trails. While it was a gamble, he wanted to see if they would give him an edge over just wearing his regular trail shoes.

Here’s his review:

I want to start out by saying these #Yaktrax have potential. I ran 3 light miles with them on the snow and ice covered road and they performed very well. On January 11, 2015, I ran a 20K trail race in them, and the results were mixed. I do want to state that these aren’t necessarily for trails, but I tested them out anyway. In the second mile my right Yaktrax actually came off, because of a stick grabbing one of the coils, so from that point forward, I had a great trial for them. I ran the rest of the race (10.4 mi) with the Yaktrax RUN on my left foot, and just my trail running shoe on the right.

run-bottom-right-largeThe Yaktrax RUN are noticeably heavier, but I had amazing grip on the snowy, icy, technical trail. My trail running shoe was light and fast, but the traction could be sketchy, and it almost had the toe slip of running in sand (not deep sand). The Yaktrax on my left foot was solid through the entire race and only at the end did the “spike plate” shift around. I have another race in February at the Rocks and Roots trail, and I am opting for the heavy but great traction option.

So even with some mishaps, running with one Yaktrax on for most of the race I am sold on the use of them, but need to run in them a little more to figure out the correct configuration for me.

The product really did surprise me, with such small spikes, and the patented coil design. I can’t think of one time I slipped with the foot that had the Yaktrax on it, where my other foot slipped a little with almost every step. Solid product!