topo schapThe first Topo Trail Run of 2015 (third of the winter series) did not disappoint. With temperatures floating between 2° and 5° F, the trails were frozen–so were the runners and race organizers. But that’s winter trail running for you.

Chris Schapman of #Relentless ended up 2nd in the 2-lap option, which ended up being about 10.1 miles. He finished in 1:09 (official results pending at the time of writing). Things were looking good until he took a spill before mile 2. At that point, Chris said he backed off the pace and did a “system check” to see how the body was doing. He let a couple guys pass him that he had passed shortly before the spill. His left knee took most of the fall and for some reason his right hand hurt during miles 3 and 4. By the time he hit mile 5, the system checked out OK, and he was ready to push again. The second lap was a go.

“Knowing there were points on the line and considering I was already out there, I figured I’d push through the cold and deal with any knee issues later.”

Thankfully, it looks like the knee (and hand) survived and Chris will be training as usual.

The next Topo Trail Run is January 24 at Devou Park in Covington, Kentucky.

For details, check out the Topo Adventure Sports website: