Sandbag Carries and Monkey Bars

In 2012, Justin Chandler signed up for Tough Mudder/Indiana as a new and exciting personal challenge. He had a background in road running, trail races, and triathlons, but he wanted to try something a little atypical. Hitting the trails and gym very hard for months, he ended up flying through this Tough Mudder without a problem, and within a matter of weeks, he had his first Top 10 finish at Rebel Race. From this moment on, he realized that he had a strong passion for the sport and  began to pursue and follow similar races and endurance events.

After some time off due to an injury in 2013, Justin set several goals for himself and decided that 2014 would be my year for strong trail race performances and to step into the elite level of competition at various OCRs. As a result of the countless hours of training, he was able to chalk up several Top 10 finishes and a handful of podium spots – including the Ohio Super/Spartan Race. Ultimately, his performance over the year allowed him to participate in the first ever OCR World Championships – a 5th Place finish in the 30-34 Age Group and a 4th Place finish in the Team Competition.

Aside from the race world, he is happily married to his wife (Liz) and currently lives in Indianapolis. Living across the street from one of the largest municipal parks in the US, Justin and Liz live very active lifestyles. Liz is also a runner/triathlete, and this past year, she achieved an Elite-Top 10 finish with 8th overall at the Chicago Super/Spartan Race. As they say: those who train together, stay together.

When Justin is not training or racing, he works as a Regional Marketing Manager in the Insurance Industry. With all of the travel associated with his job, he has learned great techniques to stay healthy and at the top of his game while at or away from home.

Justin Chandler is #relentless.