Monkey Bars, Rope Climbs

Jeff Shady began obstacle course racing (OCR) by chance in 2013, where he won a free entry to a highly competitive local OCR race known as the Mud Ninja. He took 2nd place overall and his competitiveness returned from his multi-sport background of soccer, basketball and track. He then returned on the scene trained and ready to compete in 2014 taking several first place victories and didn’t placed out of the top 10 in any competitive race during his rookie season in 2014 and he placed 3rd in his age group at the OCR World Championships. 2015 was riddled with injuries, but he still was able to compete on a high level and still had great success. He loves the challenge and variability that each race has to offer keeping him coming back for more each weekend. He is expecting to be doubling his race count and will be seeking to break new grounds in the upcoming 2016 season.

Off the course Jeff has a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and finds a lot of his inspiration through the patients he treats. He has a passion for helping people get back on their feet doing what it is that they love to do and he is often a “go-to” person in the OCR community for rehabilitation and injury prevention. Jeff credits his friends, family for his success and is very appreciative of all of their support as he reports they fuel his “drive” during each and every race.

Jeff believes that the competitiveness, comradery, and the community OCR racers are unlike any other sport out there which makes it one of the fastest growing sports in the world and is proud to be a part of this motivating and inspiring community.