Tire flips

Caylan Hord found himself submerged in obstacle course racing (OCR) in 2014, but only after he had ran a couple of challenges in 2012 (Tough Mudder Ohio and Warrior Dash Ohio), followed by a year in kickboxing. As a multi sport athlete, Caylan struggled finding his true love and began searching for what he truly wanted to compete in. His love of the outdoors, raw athleticism, toughness, and balanced approach of obstacle courses drew him to the sport.

Throughout the 2014 season, Caylan ran his first competitive race (Mud Endeavor – Little Manatee River) since track in 2002. He finished 8th overall, and from that point was hooked. From that point forward he raced competitively in seven more races, and finished top 10 in six of them. Taking podium 4 times in his division, including a second place at the OCR World Championships. In 2015 Caylan plans to increase his geographical and series footprint, with almost double the number of races.

Away from the mud Caylan has an MBA and works in the IT industry. He is also a Group Fitness instructor and has a passion for coaching individuals through their personal goals. When not working or training, he spends every moment he can with his wife (Cathy) and two children (Emerson – 2 and Amelia – Newborn). His is known to say that his edge in competition is not a special diet or training regimen, instead it is his life balance and family’s support.

Residing in the Sunbury, OH area, Caylan can be found running on the country roads and training in his back yard or at the family farm.

Caylan Hord is #relentless